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Bespoke Upcycled Blush Pink Glitter Pumpkin Finial

Bespoke Upcycled Blush Pink Glitter Pumpkin Finial

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Support sustainable decor with this lovely upcycled pumpkin finial! Two blush pink pumpkins are covered in glitter and stacked on top of each other.  They sit on a matching blush pink base.  A ribbon of cornflower blue is tied in a bow at the base of the pumpkins and blue and pink roses decorate it.  The pumpkins and base were hand painted.  This is a bespoke design that is exclusive to Blush and Bashful.  This decor piece was made largely with upcycled materials that would have otherwise been thrown in the landfill.  Instead we are opting to give it new life and a new home and promote sustainability in decor choices.  The only items that were not upcycled were the flowers. Each pumpkin finial will be unique and one of a kind. 

Inside the base and pumpkins is a engine bolt to ensure durability in shipping and storage.

Dimensions: Approx 16” H x 8” diameter 

Material: Foam and resin

As each piece is made from upcycled materials, there will be small imperfections possible in each piece that will lend them the shabby chic style I love so much. Please review the image carefully as this will be the exact item that you will be receiving. 

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