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Pastel Floral Vintage Hand Torn Ribbon on Spool

Pastel Floral Vintage Hand Torn Ribbon on Spool

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Hand torn vintage ribbon featuring a pastel, pink, blue and yellow floral pattern on a vintage blush wooden spool. Pattern for each piece of ribbon will consist of at least one pink repeating flower but the pattern be different for each ribbon. The pattern has blue and yellow campanula, pink roses and pink mums, blue nigella and yellow and white daisies.  One thing I love about this particular ribbon so much is that the pattern bleeds through to the back and it is nearly impossible to tell which is the back and which is the front side. This enables you to make beautiful bows without worrying about seeing a side with a lighter pattern.  Luscious paper flowers decorate the top of the spool. Shown in blue here but may come in other colors. Approx 3” wide. Two pieces approx 2 1/2 yards each in length. I will endeavor to have differing patterns for each piece for variety. Spool is handmade and is for decorative purposes only. 

Please note that this particular ribbon will be a very limited offering. 

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